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Roofer in Bishopthorpe

Setting the standard in the roofing industry. Qualified, Reputable & Knowledgeable roofer in Bishopthorpe providing you with a wide range of roofing services. LA Roofers Ltd simply make roofs to last. Our roofs are strong and secure even beneath the most aggressive weather conditions.

There’s roofing in Bishopthorpe and then there are highly engineered roofs installed by LA Roofers Ltd. All our roofs are fitted in accordance with BS5534 (pitch roofs) and BS5250 (flat roofs)

We provide top quality roof installations using some of the most up-to-date energy-efficient materials out there today, this is great news for anyone eager to make their properties more energy efficient while at the same time bringing down their Carbon Footprint.

Above & Beyond Regulations

Our material specifications and installation procedures go above and beyond all Local Authority & European Regulation specifications. Because of the high standards we conform too, LA Roofers Ltd is always fully informed with all the latest Building Regulation updates & changes. Our installation pedigree is far superior against many other roofing firms and thanks to our triple secure installation method, our guarantees for certain pitch roof coverings are guaranteed against storm damage such as gale force winds & heavy torrential rain which no other roofing contractor offers.


LA Roofers Ltd are qualified to not only take on works for our customers without them making a Local Authority Planning / Building Regulations application, but our head roofer in Bishopthorpe is authorised & qualified to issue Regularisation Completion Certificates for all Local Authorities within England & Wales.

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Slate Roofing in Bishopthorpe

Traditional Roof Slating. Natural slate has been employed for roofing for a long time and is especially suitable due to its low water absorption, sturdiness, energy-efficiency and natural beauty. LA Roofers Ltd has many years of experience working with natural and composite slate materials, whether you need an extension to match up to an existing roof or a new roof that will fit in with the surrounding properties we have the experience and expertise. Composite slate gives a number of colours and finishes – call us today to learn more.


Roof Repairs Bishopthorpe

LA Roofers Ltd are a qualified, experienced and reliable roofer in Bishopthorpe. Taking care of the roof above your head is probably one of the most important aspects of home maintenance. A damaged – leaking roof can lead to a complete stack of issues to your timbers, internal walls and furnishings. We can repair all roof types from leaking flat roofs to missing / broken ridge tiles and slates. So if you’re based in and around the Bishopthorpe area and need a quick, experienced roofer give LA Roofers Ltd a call!


Flat Roofing in Bishopthorpe

Flat roofs installed badly can prove to be an expensive, continuous headache! A flat roof installed by a professional roofer in Bishopthorpe lasts decades. LA Roofers Ltd has many years of experience setting up flat roofs, whether you require a traditional gravel finish or maybe a more modern fibreglass finish, we can counsel you on the most suited product for your project.


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