The Benefits of GRP Roofing

Thinking of installing a new roof? It’s important to choose the right type of roof, to ensure that it is not only cost-effective but also a long-term investment. Whether it’s for your garage, or an extension to your home, choosing the right type of roof is extremely important and that’s why GRP roofing has become one of the most popular choices among homeowners today.

What is GRP roofing?

GRP, or Glass Reinforced Plastic, is a material that is made from a polyester resin and reinforced by mat glass fibres in order to form a powerful GRP laminate. This is an extremely popular and durable material, and one of the best options to use when you’re thinking of installing a brand-new roof.

The concept was invented in 1958 by Russell Games, and it was originally only used on boats. It has since developed to become one of the most popular material choices for roofs since it is lightweight, durable and flexible. It is also completely waterproof making it the perfect solution for your roof, no matter the size.

What are the benefits of GRP?

GRP roofing systems are incredibly durable. It makes use of state-of-the-art technology to give it an extremely long shelf life and he does not deteriorate at the same rate than other materials. This means lower repair costs and a roof that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The main benefit in terms of the structure of GRP roofing is that it does not have any joints so water cannot get into the roof to damage or weaken it.

GRP roofing is completely watertight as it has no joints or seams. This means water cannot get into the structure and cause damage to your home. Fibreglass is a very popular product that is used in many industries, as it is extremely reliable and perfect for roofing products. GRP roofs have been used for many years with excellent results, and you can expect your roof to last at least 30 years, compared to the 10 years you will get from a normal felt roof.

Another benefit of GRP roofing systems is that it is extremely functional. Regardless of the shape of your roof, these roofs can be installed to your exact specifications without any issues. The material is very flexible and can conform to various shapes, and you can also add a pre-formed GRP edge trim as a finish, along with a topcoat that is available in various colours to suit your exact home requirements.

There are literally thousands of different shades available for your roof, making it extremely flexible in terms of style. The colour is mixed into the final layer of the topcoat, as opposed to being painted on, which means that the colour will never peel off or start to vanish over time.

GRP roofing kits are extremely popular these days, especially since more homeowners are realising the benefits of using glass reinforced plastic for their roofs. With the ability to conform to any shape, as well as being incredibly lightweight and durable, this is definitely the best choice of material when it comes to installing your roof.

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